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Newcastle mother to face court on charges of murdering baby sister in a botched burglary. Two baby girls, aged three and two, were found dead inside their mother's home in Port Charlotte, Durham, on Saturday. Hannah Johnson, 38, has been charged with murdering three-month-old Maddie Smith, aged just three-years-old, and her mother Kirsty Smith, 23, with malice aforethought. Police are treating the deaths as murder. It follows a string of failed burglaries in the home of the family, which includes Mr Smith's two-bedroom home in St Kilda, east Durham, which was recently turned into a makeshift reception centre in order to keep families separated. Mrs Smith and Mr Johnson are due to appear at Kingston Crown Court next week. 'Wrecking' One of Mr and Miss Smith's older children, five-year-old Daisy, lives in another home on the estate. It is thought Mr Johnson and Miss Smith, both aged 30, took the children to visit Mr Smith's parents at their house and then left when he got home. Miss Smith's partner, 29, was killed in the house fire while the rest of their two children were left in the care of Mrs Smith. Mr Smith was found dead on February 4 inside his apartment when officers from the North East Ambulance Service came to his aid. There was no sign of struggle to save him as he had been sleeping at the time of his death. The children were found by a neighbour who thought a cigarette had been left in the kitchen sink while they were playing outside. Officers were able to quickly locate the children through the children's mobile phones and alerted their parents, who were then rushed to hospital to be cared for. Police were also able to trace the mobile phones of the children via social media, which included messages sent from outside the home. The two were pronounced dead on arrival at the Royal Durham Hospital. Mrs Smith, who suffers from an eating disorder and is battling alcohol problems, appeared in hospital yesterday, having been charged on the same day. Dennis Brown from St Kilda Council said: "This is a tragic case which is likely to see more police investigating where child abuse takes place over the coming months." He added: "The fact that it is family members being questioned is a good first step, while the process should now be extended to the area they live so there are no potential suspects remaining in that particular area." In the past two years, more than 60 children have died inside the Smiths' home, including four of two-year-old Hannah's. Mr Brown added: "There are two children wh 바카라 카지노 Iles leading at sa open. Kleinmann, M., & de Lein, P. ( 2010 ). Perceived peer influence: An exploratory study of individual differences. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 34, 1303 – 1314. doi:10.1177/014616780603849 Google Scholar SAGE Journals, ISI Krause, M. F. ( 2003 ). Sex and friendship among the middle class: The role of the romantic partner. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 85, 1231 – 1248. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.85.7.1231 Google Scholar Crossref, Medline, ISI Krause, M. F., & van der Pliessen, R. ( 2009 ). Friendship, gender, and class in friendship contexts: The role of women, masculinity, and economic status. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 30, 681 – 698. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9238.2009.00325.x Google Scholar SAGE Journals, ISI Kim, I. ( 1996 ). Gender and sexual orientation in the early 20th century. Journal of Social Issues, 57, 591 – 612. doi:10.1177/088626060094713 Google Scholar Crossref, ISI Kroenke, T., & Hetfield, J. ( 2004 ). An explanation for "what the f---": Perceived and actual gender and sexual stereotypes in early adult dating. Social Psychology Quarterly, 57, 645 – 671. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.57.1.545 Google Scholar Crossref, Medline, ISI Kroenke, T., & Hetfield, J. ( 2012 ). How and why do individuals change their gender, age, and ethnicity: A review of gender and sexual orientation identities and stereotypes. Sex Roles, 57, 649 – 678. doi:10.1007/s11199-012-9229-0 Google Scholar Crossref, ISI Langer, D., & McAlister, C. ( 2007 ). The effect of race and ethnicity on perceived sexual attractiveness. Journal of Sex Research, 52, 527 – 540. doi:10.1080/0026058.2006.917889 Google Scholar Crossref, ISI Lee, R. K., & Eichenbaum, D. W. ( 2008 ). Peer group status, relationship success, and positive affect among college women. Journal of Consumer Research, 25, 39 – 46. doi:10.1086/290127 Google Scholar Crossref, ISI Lipp, E.

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Хломидиоз-от чего он возникает и опасен ли.ПОДСКАЖИТЕТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА.

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хломидиоз читать далее

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Перед интимними отношениями я очень хотела в тоалет (по маленькаму) и не схадила,после етова утром встала пашла в тоалет потомушто очень хотелось и все было нормально,через несколько минут опять хотела.И очень больт.И так уже два дня.И очень больт.Что это может быть??? читать далее

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Рентген зуба при беременности

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Начала лечить зубы и делала рентген зубов 5-6 раз.Защиту одевали только на шею.Позже узнала что это делала при беременности(1-3)недели?Это самый опасный период для рентгена.Чем это грозит для ребенка?Может прервать беременность? читать далее

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лейкоциты во влагалище

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здравствуйте.в гинекологическом мазке обнаружили:лейкоциты влагалище20-40.слизь цервикальный канал обильно.фагоцитоз уретра не выраженный.слизь влагалище умеренно.эпителиальные клетки влаг-ще плоские умер.особ.микрофлоры церв канал:палки разные малкие обильно,коки обильно.то же и во влагалище.фагоцитоз церв канал умер.степень чистоты влагал-ща 2-3.прочее влагалище ключевые клетки в умер кол-ве.микрофлора уретра:палки разные малкие обильно,коки обильно.фагоцитоз влагал умер.эпител клетки в церв канале плоские умер.лейкоциты 80-100.подскажите какие анализы нужно досдать и что это может быть???спасибо читать далее

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здравствуйте!у меня такая проблема.Очень сильная боль при мочеспускании,и в туалет охото чуть ли не через каждую минуту,и в паху образовалась шишка больно ходить.ЭТО ОПАСНО ПОДСКАЖИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА. Заранее спасибо. читать далее

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