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Cobb and co icon to feature in tourism plans to mark opening of museum Posted A Tasmanian man who starred in films including Back to the Future, Back to the Future II and the now infamous Back to the Future Part II has called for the creation of a museum that features recreated scenes of the movies. Bruno Latour has revealed a vision of a time capsule museum he wants to share with people around the world. "I'm the creator of the most spectacular time capsule museum in the world," he said. "It's about to be opened in Berlin in about two years and what it's about and how it will become a major international attraction. "It's a time capsule. "This is the end of the future and you're looking at it." Bruno has been producing videos on YouTube and YouTube.com, in which he talks about the films he has seen in his own back yard. He said he had been approached a few times to appear at museums around Europe and the US, including at the Bremen International Film Festival in Germany. "I'm hoping to set up a permanent studio in the Australian city of New South Wales, a place that is totally connected and very modern with an international audience," he said. "The museum is about time in cinema and I want people to see me in the time capsule museum, not in the movie sets, not at the location you know from the movie, but there in the world and the memory. "I've been through all the film sets and I've seen the back of people's heads. "And I've seen the old actors playing their parts and now I want to touch the memory so we all become more connected and so people can live their own lives. "I've wanted to have a time capsule museum and a museum for the movie." Topics: history, science-and-technology, art-and-design, community-and-society, perth-6000 카지노사이트 더킹카지노 Lang concerned about gowers health and safety. The police commissioner said if someone did anything like this, it would be a felony. "I think this should concern anyone who's concerned with the health and safety of the public, and that's why I think this is a felony," he said. "You know, if they are doing this as it's depicted to be, then I think we are going to have a real problem." The police department released a statement Saturday, saying they are conducting their own investigation, but that nothing about the incident was illegal. Lang has not been charged, but he has asked that anyone who may have been present during the fight be reported. Anyone who has been contacted by 911 should call the police or his supervisor. The department also says they are working on a follow-up.

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13.02.2011 в 18:03

Добрый день.Срок беременности 31 неделя.Я по ошибке принимала калий йодид на 200 по 2 таблетки в сутки,т.к. до этого у меня была упаковка на 100.Опасно ли это для ребеночка?? читать далее

13.02.2011 в 16:25

Здравствуйте, недавно у меня произишел выкидышь на 8 неделе беремренности, сделали выскабливание. 5 день после выскабливания на прокладке остается коричневатые выделения,мажутся. тест положительный читать далее

12.02.2011 в 21:24

темпиратура у беременной что делать??? срок 12 недель читать далее

11.02.2011 в 12:33

Здравствуйте. у меня шелушение и зуд в области клитора, что это может означать? читать далее

10.02.2011 в 19:24

дегенеративные изменения плоского многослойного эпителия

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Здравствуйте! Скажите,пожалуйста,что означает по результату мазка дегенеративные изменения плоского многослойного эпителия и можно это как-нибудь вылечить? читать далее

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