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Accused snowtown killers court outburst The father of a slain two-year-old boy shot in the head by his mother said Tuesday his son never went to the hospital or was treated by medics. The boy's mother was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday night for the death of her estranged husband. A second man, identified in court as Richard J. W. Henneman, 45, was convicted of capital murder, felony child cruelty and assault. At the sentencing, prosecutor Mary B. Healy said she believes her client was motivated by hatred and greed. She also noted the victim was in poor health. Assistant District Attorney Peter J. Miller asked that the father, Gerald W. Womack Jr., 50, and the son, Christopher, 20, who was shot on Tuesday morning, receive credit for the first-degree murder charge. Christopher Womack told Henneman he wanted the father's "full cooperation" in investigating the killing, Miller said. "No justice will bring back your son," a tearful Womack sobbed. Prosecutors said Womack shot Christopher Womack in the head after his mother broke up with him and fired in the back of her car that day in the snow about 10 p.m. Tuesday. A couple days earlier, another man and Womack's estranged wife had argued outside her home in a garage. Womack called police and claimed his wife had shot his father and threatened to kill him. He later called police again when Christopher's mom called, Healy said. When police found Christopher's body outside his mother's home, they found Womack holding a.38 revolver and a knife. He denied any involvement in Christopher's death. Christopher, a football player who was 7 years old, was killed after his mother said she was going to kill him, Miller said. "I would say to you today that in my opinion it was the sole, final and sole decision for him to be shot to death," prosecutor Mary B. Healy said. After the verdict, Healy said the victims' mother went into hiding and never showed up at the sentencing. "If you want to spend time at home and have a good life, then I'm asking you please turn around and go back to your own state, because you won't get anything good out of this," he said. "It's been a hellish experience for the Womack family." Healy called for two new capital murders trials because his former client has a record of killing more than once. Prosecutors said Christopher Womack Jr. would have had to stand trial for every capital murder the day he wa 온라인카지노 카지노 Victoria police hit back at haider anti terrorism probe concerns by raising the possibility of additional police officers and resources to take over, but also accused some of the community in Toronto, including members of the Somali community, of "lying" and "misled" by media reports about the arrest. Somali-Canadian Omar Khadr has been the subject of two Toronto police investigations in recent months. Police seized his Canadian Forces helmet after he was arrested in 2012 at the age of 17, and his family has been fighting for his release from Guantanamo Bay prison for years. Police allege Khadr fled and returned to Canada, where he was a registered sex offender. After his release and the release of other Guantanamo Bay detainees, however, Khadr has been living in Alberta, and is still charged with several crimes, including murder and attempted murder, stemming from the November 2004 death of U.S. soldier Humayun Khan. Khadr, currently serving an additional 27 years in Canada, is also known by the Twitter handle @ImNadirAbdullah. His father, Mohamed Khadr, told Canadian newspapers last year that he thinks his son has returned home after his jail time has run its course, according to CBC. While Khadr's lawyer has expressed concerns that Khadr's release could lead to an increase in radicalized behaviour for both U.S. and Canadian troops, the Toronto Police Department said in a statement to news outlets that it has "no indication of imminent threat."

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Патология? Однояйцевые близнецы? читать далее

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Покраснение половых губ, мокро серые выделения, + месячные со слизью

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Здраствуйте. Помогите пожалуйто. Мне 19 лет. Два года назад у меня появились мокро серые выделения с несильным запахом лука,зуд, и покраснение малых половых губ. Ходила к Кровь на сифилис. Сдала. Доктор сказал что у меня всё нормально, что это аллергическая реакция. Ни каких препаратов не выписывала.Сказала что всё пройдёт. Прошёл год выделения увеличились, особенно летом в жару, ежедневная прокладка была мокрая, и при половом акте и покраснение стали ещё больше. Пару месяцев назад заметила что месяцные стали дольше на пару дней, и постоянно идут со слизью. Доктор подскажите пожалуйто что это может быть? Зарание спасибо!!! читать далее

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Здравствуйте! подскажите, пожалуйста, 3 недели беременности Стационар на сохранение? читать далее

14.01.2012 в 11:33

второй месяц подряд во время менструации чувствую зуд и жжение. что это может быть? читать далее

13.01.2012 в 23:08

кровь из интимного места

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может ли у девушки пойти Кровь из интимного места не считая месячных?я еще девочка но получала оргазм.можно ли из-за этого лишиться девственности?

Дополнение №1: я не знаю что мне делать.подскажите поалуйста

Дополнение №2: :(

Дополнение №3: я так и думала что вы тоже ответ не знаете :( читать далее

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