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23.03.2019 в 23:32

Hello from Plan B - Funding Options LLC *If you're thinking about starting your own business or if you need funding for most other reasons there's 3 things that you need to keep in mind. 1. You need to make a well thought out plan, try to cover everything you want to accomplish and think of what could go wrong along the way. You could create a business plan and or executive summary to use as your guideline. As a rule, it’s best NOT to ask family or friends for money its best to use (other people’s money) a funding source that you have no personal relationship with. 2. Expect your plan to fail in part or full in many cases this will happen no matter how well you thought out your plan. Unforeseen obstacles and speed bumps often will come in your path that prevent your plans from going as you had projected. 3.Always without exception have a (Plan B). And that's where we come in. We are your Plan B! We can help If you have already gone through the traditional ways of finding funding with banks and other financial institutions only to be turned down and your about to toss in the towel, remember that true entrepreneurs never give up because you know if it was easy then everybody would do it. And that is why smart and determined people always look for a “PLAN B” and that is where we come in! *Please visit our website for details at : https://www.planbfundingoptions.com Email : info@planbfundingoptions.com Call Us : 949-682-9235 (California Office) **If you do not need funding at this time,perhaps you know someone who does. We Pay Referral Fees!!! See this link to the page on our website that explains what it means for you!. http://www.planbfundingoptions.com/we-pay-referral-fees.html

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27.08.2011 в 20:46

какова вероятность ошибки?

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здравствуйте, скажите может ли Беременностью на раннем сроке?? читать далее

27.08.2011 в 19:39

Здравствуйте!мне год назад удалили кисту левого Врач ничего не назначила.заранее спасибо! читать далее

27.08.2011 в 18:54

болит сильно живот читать далее

27.08.2011 в 18:34

чем лечить когда после месячных идут выделения с неприятным запахом читать далее

27.08.2011 в 17:19

Доктор доброго дня! У меня близорукость, -7. Подскажите есть ли шанс Рожать самостоятельно или только кесарево? Беременности пока нет. На обозримое будущее вопрос. Заранее спасибо. читать далее

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